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Live Your Colour Inc. | Same Logo, New Look

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Live Your Colour Inc. (LYC) just got a fresh new look! A happy dance has been danced for all of the upgrades to our company website and we’re over the moon to finally introduce our thoughtfully redesigned logo. So much love went in, we hope you feel it come out.

What’s in a name?

Our mission is to encourage you to Live Your Colour, meaning, live the full color of your life by staying vibrantly true to you. Our high-end Japanese products feature fanciful socks and specialty lifestyle items—unique statement-makers designed to support and embolden your unique expression. Our logo celebrates individuality while also embracing the weaves that bring us together. In the process of redesigning our logo, we wanted to maximize the presence of this message by incorporating reflective symbolism.

Here’s how we did it

The LYC initials anchor our logo by illustrating a connective weave. Three distinctively colored threads showcase individual letters continuously arranged to form a singular harmonious unit. Suggestive of the literal art of fabric making, this unifying element also serves as a metaphor for any process where many parts make up a whole.

Speaking of the whole…

Nesting within the word “colour” notice the word “our” is marked by two thread ‘stitches’ that cherish its importance. Once again, through design, we draw attention to how we are all connected. When we join our diverse gifts with others, community is strengthened and grows even more colorful than we might have ever imagined.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the story behind our refreshed logo, be sure to peruse our fun new website too. May you always be inspired to ‘Live Your Colour’ in every sense of the meaning, and let your true light shine!

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