Our commitment

We have a part to play in our community, to keep it thriving for the future.

Sock Nation®

What is Sock Nation®? Sock Nation is a movement we pushed forward to promote our long-term commitment to the environment and community. Part of our proceeds go to local children and natural disaster survivors, as well as forest restoration projects.

Sustainability doesn’t just mean developing eco-friendly products; it also means giving back to your local community. That’s why we created Sock Nation to not only hold ourselves accountable and strive for a zero-waste production process, but to also fund local projects in our communities so that our customers and children will have a brighter future. We want the world to enjoy Japanese culture through sustainable products that can make a difference.

Our Sock Nation Projects


Replant Pairs®  


Sock pairs that help replant a tree in California, Oregon, or Washington

What if you could plant a tree with a pair of socks? Our Replant Pairs collection exclusively for Oregon, California, and Washington aims to help that goal, one sock and seedling at a time.


For every Replant Pairs you purchase, we’ll donate $1 to the nonprofit of your choice: The State Forests Wildfire Restoration Fund (Santiam Campaign) in Oregon, the National Forests Foundation in California or the Nisqually Land Trust in Washington.


All nonprofits are dedicated to replanting trees in their home state - now that’s a tree-at!

Quarter Socks

Children are our future culture-builders and creative thinkers who pave the way with their curiosity and big dreams. We need to invest in their future, which is why we’re so happy we get to support children through the Quarter Socks project.


When you purchase a pair of socks by Tabbisocks, Kihachiro-sho, Ninja Socks, or 5 Toes, we’ll donate 25 cents per item sold to a local school, cultural education program, or other local community project.


Quarter Socks is a project to help children build a beautiful future. When we created this effort, we envisioned creating a community where people could come together and connect around a cause and build that brighter future together. 

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Interested in working with us ?

For Organizations

If you’re an organization or nonprofit who’s interested in collaborating with Sock Nation®, we’d love to hear from you and learn how we can support your work.

For Volunteers​

We’re always looking for people who connect with our mission and the work we’re doing. Please specify in your message if you’re interested in working on Replant Pairs® or Quarter Socks®.