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Okinawa Times "Japanese-made Nara socks sold in US, highlighting craftsmanship and hard work."

The Okinawa Times recently showcased our Nara-made socks, which exemplify the artistry of our skilled artisans. As we work tirelessly to meet the demand for these socks in the United States, our factory remains committed to upholding these traditional techniques.

We take pride in using environmentally friendly materials to create socks of the highest caliber that are cherished by many. By blending age-old methods with contemporary technology, we offer a diverse selection of socks that cater to the modern consumer.

Through this publication, we aim to promote the expertise and superiority of our Nara-made socks. We pledge to uphold our commitment to innovation and quality while preserving our heritage, and endeavor to satisfy the requirements of both local and global markets.

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