Our Vision

Colorful Smiles in Harmony! 


Promote a community where people can come together respectfully regardless of their personal beliefs and backgrounds.

Our Mission

Connect people through our projects and products as a supporter for a harmonious and sustainable society.

Our Story

Live Your Colour, Inc. began when Maarlie started buying clothing and accessories from American brands for her friends and herself as a personal business. She established a corporation in 2004 and started selling socks made in Nara, Japan in 2006. Sharing the importance of living your own way and maximizing your lifelong potentials (#LiveYourColor), we offer wonderful opportunities for individuals to express themselves through fashion. In 2017, we created Akindon, a platform that shares the established distribution around the world so that other brands also can maximize their opportunities. Since then, our business expanded into business consulting for companies between the U.S. and Japan, and now we help to startup international projects and grow their business in various fields. We started the Sock Nation Project which supports local communities and education in 2020.

Live Your Colour Inc.

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