NARASOCKS is your one-stop shop for high quality socks made by Japanese craftsmen. We curate items from Nara City in Japan, including our main brand Tabbisocks. 

Tabbisocks strives to obtain high quality materials appropriate for any time of the year. Our Fall and Winter legwear uses materials such as: angora, wool, and cashmere. Likewise, our Summer leg wear includes fine materials as: cotton, linen, and silk. Examples of our signature designs include crochet, scrunchy, shimmery, and knee socks, with an emphasis on versatile color and knit pattern that can be worn daily.

Ninja Socks

Inspired by the traditional Japanese split-toe socks are the sandal socks that offer Japanese cultural designs in modern and fun ways. Some of the popular designs include Kabuki, Dragon, and Geisha.They are all designed by our in-house designers.

Hemp is the strong, flexible and sustainable material that can last over a hundred years. Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, Maarlie Hemp is dedicated to promote the self-satisfaction and well being of those who wear them.

Lucky Kanji Calligraphy Socks- Each pair has a lucky “Kanji” character that is believed to bring you auspicious fortune and a feeling of protection. The pair of “Omamori” aka amulet socks is meant to keep your heart grounded and your feet warm. Also, Kihachiro Sho is a collaboration between the craftsmen of Narasocks and Kihachiro’s calligraphy art.